Little Pampered Dog News Highlights - August 21, 2014

Little Pampered Dog News Highlights – August 21, 2014

Almost every day we are highlight daily news that we think you might enjoy or need to know about. This is the news you want and need now between our magazine issues.

Our highlights for today, August 21, 2014 are below:

1.  Well, if Giggy Likes It…

You know we love some “Giggy the Pom” around here. He such a handsome and well-dressed boy. Besides, we also love Lisa Vanderpump of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Anyhow, we’ve seen a lot of reviews lately about the book “Animal Stars” recently. However, I must admit that I only took notice when I saw that Giggy gave the book “two paws up!” The book is currently on pre-order on Amazon and is set to release around September 16th. It’s all about the “behind the scenes” with those famous animal actors that we admire so much. I’ve pre-ordered mine today! Check out the book here.

2. Find Your Best Friend This Weekend

Petco and Hill’s Science Diet are coming together this weekend August 23rd and August 24th for a national pet adoption weekend. Your best friend may be waiting for you at a Petco this weekend and if you find him/her there you’ll enjoy some additional savings. Check out the Petco link here and consult with your local Petco store for details.

3. Nominate Your Favorite Animal Non-Profit Organization

You could win a year’s supply of Vetericyn for your favorite animal non-profit organization but you have to act fast – you have until September 21, 2014 to make your nomination. Even more valuable will likely be the exposure that your favorite animal charity will receive on the Vetericyn Facebook page if they are selected as a finalist. Check out the contest details here.

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