Have you heard of The World’s Ugliest Dog® Contest?  The contest is not without its controversy as owners enter their dogs in a competition to see which one is the ugliest. Some people think that the contest is cruel or that it somehow makes fun of these dogs. But the intention behind the contest, according to the contest website, is to celebrate the fact that these dogs are lovable and loving companions. This year’s (2014) contest winner is Peanut owned by Holly Chandler. According to the contest website, Chandler entered her dog to raise awareness for animal rescue. Peanut himself was a rescue who waited for 9 months in a shelter until Chandler fell in love with him and made him her own. If this contest celebrates such a loving bond, then what could be wrong with that?

You can see the rest of the story linked below on the Facebook Post by the Sonoma-Marin Fair where the yearly contest takes place. What do you think of the contest? Do you think it’s a great way to highlight that all dogs are wonderful and beautiful in their own way or do you think it’s somehow cruel to the dogs?

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