Little Pampered Dog News Daily - August 20, 2014

Little Pampered Dog News Daily – August 20, 2014

Almost every day we are highlight daily news that we think you might enjoy or need to know about. This is the news you want and need now between our magazine issues.

Our highlights for today, August 20, 2014 are below:

1.  Take Your Dog to Dinner and a Movie

If you live in Los Angeles or are visiting during the summer months, you have to check out one of the Eat|See|Hear events. There’s music, amazing food trucks and fun for the whole family – including your pets! Doesn’t your Little Pampered Dog deserve a night out on the town for dinner and a movie? Well, if you are in LA this year between May 10th and September 13th you and your dog can partake! Does your community do something similar? Contact us and we’ll share it here! Meanwhile, please see the event information below:


2. Ode to Your Pet – Children’s Poetry Contest

Can your child write a poem about their pet? If so, they might win the 7th Annual Pets Add Life Children’s Poetry contest. Imagine a $1000 scholarship for your student’s classroom, a $250 gift certificate for products for your pet and a “by-line” in a nationally circulated magazine. Whether or not your child wins, just think of all that he or she will gain through the poetry writing process – I bet your Little Pampered Dog will even help with encouragement! For contest details click here.

3. Perfectly Chilled Water for Your Pup – at a Great Price!

I spent a lot more than this about a year ago on a FrostyBowlz for my dog, Bella. This is ingenious. It really, really, really keeps the water perfectly cool – just like my little one demands. There are several versions. I linked here to the combo package. I like the combo package because that way there’s always a “frosty” core ready to go. Check it out!

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