We love all animals at Little Pampered Dog. We take great interest, this time of year especially, regarding Santa’s reindeer. Sure reindeer aren’t dogs but these are very special and hardworking reindeer that bring toys, love and cheer to canine (as well as human, feline and equine) children all around the world. I’m pleased to inform you that we have received a news release from the American Veterinary Medical Association confirming that Santa’s reindeer team members are in great health and ready for their yearly trip around the globe.

We were able to get our hands on a video of part of the actual veterinary inspection that Dr. Tom Meyers, President of the AVMA and official veterinarian for Santa, conducted just a short time ago to ensure that Santa’s crew are flight-ready again this year. You can view the video for yourself below.

What’s even more exciting is that we have been granted access to a copy of the official North Pole Certificate of Animal Export for you to view here. The official new release from the AVMA can also be accessed here. The AVMA has also designated a special kid-centric page on their website dedicated to this effort.

Santa's Reindeer are Deemed Flight-Ready

Let of your furbabies (and human children) know that “all systems are go” again this year for another great Christmas from Santa and his Reindeer. We encourage all canines, especially, to wear their reindeer antlers in solidarity with their hardworking Rangiferine friends.

If your dog needs Antlers, you can purchase some from Amazon at the link below:



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