Real Men Love Little Pampered Dogs - Steven SlicisVolume 1: Issue 3 of Little Pampered Dog Magazine includes several articles that make up a special sectin titled “Real Men Love Little Pampered Dogs.”  All of the stories are sweet and moving and  I know that you would enjoy them.  But this particular interview was really very special.  So special, in fact, that we are making it available not just in the paid magazine but for FREE here as part of the Little Pampered Dog Podcast.

I believe that the bond between Steven and Skittles is representative of what we know – the love for “little dogs” is not exclusive to women.  Men and women love dogs of all sizes and it’s perfectly acceptable for a man to love and cherish his little dog.

This episode of the Little Pampered Dog podcast is a complete stand alone episode.  But you can read the rest of the story and hear other interviews in Volume 1: Issue 3 of the Little Pampered Dog magazine.  Little Pampered Dog magazine is an interactive publication so it contains audio, videos and well as text.


To get the magazine simply:

1.  Download the FREE  app by clicking here.

Little Pampered Dog - Available in the App Store

2.  Purchase Vol 1: Issue 3



Please note that simply by downloading the app you’ll receive Volume 1: Issue 2 as our gift to you. Even though that issue doesn’t have the “Real Men” article, it does contain several other stories that I know you’ll love including an interview with Kelly Costello, owner of Puppy Cake and as seen on Shark Tank!

The links mentioned in this podcast are as follow:

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Scituate Animal Shelter

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