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LPD 015 – A Camera, a Little Peanut Butter and a Lot of Talent!

LPD 015 – A Camera, a Little Peanut Butter and a Lot of Talent!

It All Began...

Greg was trying to capture an image of his beloved dog, a beautiful Mastiff. It's not easy for a Mastiff to look like they are smiling, the jowls prevent that. So Greg had an idea to give his pup a bit of peanut butter as she always looked especially cute when she had her tongue out. Greg captured the most precious photo of his dog showing her true happy nature as she enjoyed one of her favorite treats. The photo he took is now on a 2-foot by 2-foot canvas in his home. Though his dog has passed, he credits her and that photo with the beginning of this great adventure.

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