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Dog Aging Project
LPD 019 – Dog Aging Project with Dr. Silvan Urfer – Little Pampered Dog

LPD 019 – Dog Aging Project with Dr. Silvan Urfer – Little Pampered Dog

I've been following the work of a team of scientists at the University of Washington studying aging in dogs. They call their research the Dog Aging Project. The goal of The Dog Aging Project is not just merely to extend the lifespan of dogs, but rather, to extend the "healthspan" of dogs. As Dr. Silvan Urfer suggested in the podcast interview - what is the point of a longer life for our dogs if they are not healthy and don't feel well?

I reached out to the Dog Aging project and Dr. Urfer graciously responded providing me with detailed information over email and even more extensive information in this podcast episode. You'll absolutely love meeting him in this podcast.

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Tails of RescueMen USA 2017 Calendar - Cover
Giveaway – Tails of Rescue Men Calendar

Giveaway – Tails of Rescue Men Calendar

The Tails of Rescue Men USA 2017 Calendar is all about cute guys and cute dogs with a very important message about the benefits of pet adoption. Each month features a handsome man with their beautiful rescued shelter animals. It's a fun and heart-warming calendar that anyone would enjoy using in 2017. Most importantly the calendar also raises funds for much needed supplies for shelter cats, dogs and rabbits who are presently still waiting for their forever homes. The retail value of the calendar is $25 USD.

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