Guardian Angels for Blind Dogs - Muffin's HaloSometimes one has to go through terrible things to be a blessing to others. Silvie and Muffin Bordeaux certainly had their trying times. But together they have not only thrived – they have created a product that is giving the joy of living back to blind dogs. Their product – “Muffin’s Halo Guide for Blind Dogs” – is helping blind dogs lead a full life and putting their owners’ minds at ease. But Muffin’s Halo is doing even more than that – the blind dog assistance device is helping to stop needless blind dog euthanasia. How you ask? By helping owners understand that just because a dog is blind, doesn’t mean that the dog’s life is over. Blindness does not mean that a dog will live their life in fear and unhappiness. With the help of a device like Muffin’s Halo, blind dogs can get their confidence back and be as happy as they ever were.

The podcast below is embedded in Issue 7 of Little Pampered Dog as part of an article that we wrong about Muffin’s Halo. In this episode we talk with Silvie about how she and Muffin are bringing hope back into the lives of blind dogs and their families.

Links mentioned in the podcast:

Muffin’s Halo

Second Chances of Blind Dogs

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