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Third-Generation Dog Groomer Shelby Zonghi and
Issue 16 of Little Pampered Dog

In This Podcast…

Have you ever considered a career as a dog groomer? Not only is Shelby Zonghi a professional groomer but her mother, grandmother and other aunts and cousins are dog groomers as well! You could say she knows a thing or two about the industry. In this podcast episode, Shelby tells us about how her grandmother, who is now retired, got her into dog grooming. Her career choice was inevitable if you consider that she was hanging out at her grandmother’s salon playing with the dogs since about age five. But wait there’s more! Shelby works at a grooming salon and also has her own mobile dog-grooming business on the side. I don’t think you could find anyone more passionate about animals and grooming as Shelby. You also won’t find a kinder or sweeter person. The article associated with this podcast is in Issue 16 of Little Pampered Dog, and the full audio interview is available to everyone in this podcast episode.

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Also in Issue 16…

Issue 16 is the first issue of Little Pampered Dog that is available outside of an app. Little Pampered Dog started as a magazine delivered via an app in the Apple App Store, and we are so proud to be available there and will continue to be available there. However, we’re expanding our reach to be available to you directly via our website in a format that can be read by any device. Now you’ll be able to enjoy Little Pampered Dog on your desktop, laptop or mobile device of your choice. This issue is the first one that will be available in this format, and we’ll also be adding the back issues as time goes on. My goal is to be where you want us to be in the way that you prefer. So I’m just adding other avenues to make it easy for you to enjoy the Little Pampered Dog content.

We’ve covered a lot of fun and compelling topics in Issue 16. First of all, did you realize that this is the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Dog? Surely this means it will be a great year for dogs and dog-lovers! Find out what the Year of the Dog means for you and your dog. We also make it easy to find your own Chinese Zodiac sign.

Have you ever noticed that most dogs have brown eyes? Some dogs have beautiful blue eyes, and now you can learn about their unique genetic make-up.

We love all of the finer things in life including dog-inspired art. What if you could create that art yourself? We have a special resource for you to do just that.

This issue features the tough and tiny Yorkshire Terrier. Yorkies are exceptional and very smart dogs. In this issue, you’ll get to meet one very special and heroic Yorkie.

How old is your dog really? Did you know that the 7 human years to 1 calendar year ratio is now thought to be incorrect? The good news is that your dog is very likely younger than you think!

I’ve heard of many dog-friendly workplaces. This particular company absolutely shocked me, in a good way, with their pro-dog workplace policies. I had no idea that this certain huge brand was such a great place for dog-lovers and their dogs to go to work every day. You will be amazed. Hint: you have very likely done business with them!

I hope that you enjoy Issue 16 as much as Bella and the entire Little Pampered Dog team have enjoyed bringing it to you. Thank you for being a part of the Little Pampered Dog community!

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