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Taylor Morrison
Home is Where the Dog Is
Issue 15 of Little Pampered Dog

In This Podcast…

What a dream come true to find out that Taylor Morrison, a leading national home builder, is developing communities that are not only “pet friendly” in the traditional sense, but are decidedly pet-centric. In this podcast interview we get to meet Kathleen Gagg, Vice President of Pope Properties. Kathleen describes in detail why the Esplanade communities by Taylor Morrison are perfect for dog lovers.

Can you imagine living in a beautifully designed and built home with every amenity you could ever want – including events that are meant to help your dog to live their perfect life? Yet there is more – so much more that you and your dog will appreciate about the Taylor Morrison lifestyle! Just listen up to get all of the details.

Also in Issue 15…

The article that goes along with the Taylor Morrison interview is included in Issue 15 of Little Pampered Dog but there’s so much more in the issue!

In the feature article we make a prediction for the next “First Dog of the United States.” A new President likely means a new “First Pet” and we have a little “insider information” for you. Are we right about the next member of the Trump Administration and Trump Family? Time will tell. Regardless, American Presidents have loved their pets all the way to George Washington himself. In the rest of the article we meet the First Pets under the last 3 Administrations: the Obama Administration, Bush Administration and Clinton Administration. Think what you will about any or all of these Presidents – this is not a political article. Instead, we focus in the pets and celebrate the beautiful creatures that help our American Presidents and are the delight of the American public.

Next we meet celebri-dog, Quincy and his master Patrick Barnes. Quincy and Patrick are social media sensations and we scored a little time with both of them. We have an exclusive, embedded podcast in this issue that is so much fun! Patrick is a hoot and you’ll love meeting him. At the end of the article and interview you’ll want to follow them everywhere online!

I could not ever have imagined that such a posh learning facility existed. In our article “Learning Meets Luxury” we meet 2 sought-after trainers and take a look behind the scenes at their one-of-a-kind training center. Your pup will love going to this Puppy Prep School but if you prefer, you can hire these trainers to come to your home. Rather train your own dog yourself? No problem. This couple has authored a book that you’ll love reading. This article contains a video and embedded exclusive podcast interview.

Did you know that the United States Postal Service has a mascot and that mascot is a dog? Learn all about Owney the Mascot of the United States Rail Mail Service. Owney is an important dog in history and you’ll enjoy learning about his love for mail bags and how he continues to enchant people everywhere.

One quick announcement: From time to time we will have some fun giveaways for you and your dog. You can find giveaway information here. I do hope you’ll join in on the giveaway fun that we’ll be enjoying as a community. As always that you for being a part of Little Pampered Dog!



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