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Corridor Therapy Dogs and
Issue 14 of Little Pampered Dog

In This Podcast…

In this podcast you’ll get to meet Janet Holtman, Founder and Director of Corridor Therapy Dogs. Corridor Therapy Dogs is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides dog and human volunteer teams where ever animal-assisted therapy is needed. Janet and her volunteers work in their immediate area. If you live close to Janet, perhaps you and your dog might enjoy volunteering also. If not, perhaps you could join a similar organization where you live. Of course, you can always do as Janet has done and start a similar organization of your own.

I loved meeting Janet and I know you will too. First of all, she clearly loves dogs and loves sharing the joy of dogs. Second, Janet doesn’t do things half way. What was once a mere thought and wish has become an organization that has blessed so many lives. I hope you’ll be as inspired by Janet and Corridor Therapy Dogs as I am.

Also in Issue 14…

Meeting Janet has been delightful and in Issue 14 we have a full article on Janet and Corridor Therapy Dogs that I know you’ll enjoy. But the fun is only beginning with Corridor Therapy Dogs. There’s so much more waiting for you in Issue 14.

Little Pampered Dog is based in the United States but we have readers all over the world. I love that no matter what country we live in, we can all come together with an incredible love for dogs. We discovered 2 places that you need to know about. The first is in Bangalore, India. This dog cafe is likely the most dog-friendly restaurant the exists on Earth. Really! I mean that! Why? Because the restaurant was created with dog and dog-lovers in mind foremost. There’s a special gourmet doggie-menu and if you don’t have a dog of your own, you can play with their resident dogs. You’ll fall in love with them, just as I did! Second, we found a lovely chalet in Tasmania! The owners of the chalet are dog enthusiasts and owners also. They created their one-of-a-kind chalet based on their own wants and needs. You’ll certainly be pampered but most importantly, your dog will be spoiled like never before.

We have a new feature titled “The Perfect Comeback.” In this regular feature we cover some of those “odd” questions that we get about our dogs. Here’s how it works, you submit some of those rude questions we all as dog lovers sometimes get. Then we come up with a funny (and very disarming) answer that you can use to keep those snarky-snarks at bay! Wait until you see this month’s question. I bet you’ve hear this one before!

We covered a famous dog in history named, Bud. Bud was part of a very important team here in the United States. I’ll give you a hint: if you love dogs and you love cars, you’ll absolutely adore this article.

Next, I set about to create the perfect Sweet Potato Chip Recipe ever! Most of the recipes for sweet potato chips are involved and long. Who has hours to wait for a snack? Not me and certainly, not my Little Pampered Dog, Bella! Well, Bella and I think we have the best recipe for you ever! Just think, homemade sweet potato chips that you and your dog can enjoy made super easy and super fast!

Bella and I have a gift for you in this issue. If you love word searches, you’ll love this gift. We’ve taken words from each of our articles in this issue to craft a word search puzzle that will be emailed to you in pdf format. I hope you enjoy searching as much as we enjoyed creating the puzzle for you.

Finally, we cover dogs and divorce. We went to the best-of-the-best, Mark Baer, an attorney and mediator, to find out how family law can affect dogs. If you are going through a tough time in your relationship, you’ll want to get this information. Mark is very experienced in mediating for couples with pets. I should note that Mark was quick to point out that mediation is not just for couples going through a divorce but also for couples that want to stay together or start a happy marriage. You’ll love listening to Mark as he has the most soothing voice ever. Plus you’ll love Mark’s spirit. He truly has a love for animals and it shows. This article includes the actual interview with Mark as an embedded podcast within the magazine.

Thank you in advance for purchasing and reading Issue 14 and thank you for being a part of the Little Pampered Dog community.


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