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Pets of the Homeless and Issue 13 of Little Pampered Dog

In This Podcast…

I’m not exactly sure how I happened upon Pets of the Homeless but once I found this great organization, I knew had to bring it to you. In this episode we meet Genevieve Frederick, the Founder of Pets of the Homeless. You’ll learn about how she got the idea for the effort plus what inspires her to keep going. Homelessness is a complicated issue for certain. But to Genevieve, her small staff and large network of volunteers, it’s all actually quite simple. They work together to make sure that no pet goes hungry and that no pet is in pain. Please visit their website at www.petsofthehomeless.org. I bet you’ll be surprised to find out that there are donation sites as well as resources right in your community. The full article associated with this podcast regarding Pets of the Homeless Suites can be found in Issue 13 of Little Pampered Dog.

Also in Issue 13…

This is a really fun issue! Our cover dog is a Pumi. Why? Well, the Pumi breed was just recognized as the American Kennel Club’s 190th breed. The breed itself is not new at all. The Pumi is a Hungarian working dog. But there are finally enough Pumik (the plural of Pumi is Pumik) in the United States with committed owners and breeders to include the Pumi in the AKC. We have a full article on the Pumi and another article on what it takes to be recognized as an AKC breed. I can’t wait for you to meet the Pumi! I think I’ve just fallen in love with this breed!

Did you know that there was a dog who was a full-fledged member of the United States Coast Guard? In this issue you get to meet Sinbad and learn about what this mutt turned maritime hero meant to his shipmates and to the United States. I love how revered and honored this dog still is today.

We have a new feature titled “The Perfect Comeback.” Let’s face it, sometimes we get those snarky-snark comments about our love and devotion for our dogs. Not everyone “gets it.” Of course, we always strive to take the “high-road” with those silly comments, but how fun to have the perfect comeback! In this issue we explore a question that most Little Pampered Dog owners will get. I think we have the perfect answer. See for yourself!

Next we explore a little doggy lore and doggy history with “The Legend of Room 231.” The coincidences associated with this old historic hotel are just astounding. I love a little whimsical mystery especially when it comes to dogs. I hope you will too!

One of the most moving interviews we have ever done is with Michele Hobbs of Pet Wants. Michele and her wife Amanda founded a pet food company against all odds. But in a very short time period have grown exponentially. Pet Wants even has over 50 franchisees throughout the United States. It takes much more than passion to reach this level of success. You’ll learn about their food and an exciting opportunity if you ever wanted to get into the pet food business.

I thank you for being a part of the Little Pampered Dog community and I hope you will enjoy Issue 13.lourdessig



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