It All Began…

Greg was trying to capture an image of his beloved dog, a beautiful Mastiff. It’s not easy for a Mastiff to look like they are smiling because the jowls prevent that. So Greg had an idea to give his pup a bit of peanut butter as she always looked especially cute when she had her tongue out. Greg captured the most precious photo of his dog showing her true happy nature as she enjoyed one of her favorite treats. The photo he took is now on a 2-foot by 2-foot canvas in his home. Though his dog has passed, he credits her and that photo with the beginning of this great adventure.

The winter months in Ohio are very cold so for a professional photographer like Greg who takes mostly outdoor shots, business can be slow. January and February are therefore a good time in Greg’s business to work on some personal projects. He asked a few clients if he could feed their dogs peanut butter and take their pictures. The result was happy dogs, thrilled clients and a new idea. Greg would use his slower months to photograph dogs enjoying peanut butter and publish a book of pictures.


Crowd Funding

The response to Greg’s peanut-butter-laced dog photos has been overwhelmingly positive. He decided to commit to his book publishing project while raising awareness and funding through a Kickstarter campaign. Greg quickly surpassed his goal for the book and accompanying 2017 Calendar. He has received press attention from all over the world.

For Greg, following his passion for dogs and photography has lead to success. Success for Greg, however, is not just monetary. His goal is to make others happy while making a living.

All of the photographs of dogs in this post are Copyright © 2007 – 2016 Greg Murray, shared here with his permission.

Before You Give Your Dog Peanut Butter

  • Just like humans, dogs can have peanut allergies. Always check with your vet to find out what is appropriate to feed your dog.
  • Even if your vet says it is ok to give your dog a little taste of peanut butter here and there, please be aware that some peanut butters contain artificial sweeteners that are toxic to dogs. Always check labels. Even if you are accustomed to purchasing a certain brand of peanut butter, formulations change so check and double check labels.
  • The amount of peanut butter that Greg used for his photographs is actually quite small. As Greg points out in his Kickstarter campaign, “Too much of anything, including peanut butter, is not good for dogs … or humans.”

Beyond the Book

Greg Murray is an award-winning professional photographer in Cleveland, Ohio. He specializes in pet and family photography but is also available for commercial projects. Check out his website and you’ll see the quality of his work yourself. Can you believe that he’s been working professionally as a photographer for only 2 years?

Prior to starting his photography business, Greg worked in Human Resources for 10 years. While Greg did very well in his prior career, the stress of dealing with employees and management in difficult situations took its toll. Towards the end of his HR career his health and relationships were suffering. He knew he had to make a change and though he didn’t know what to expect, he took a leap of faith. After a mere 6 months in business it became quite obvious that changing careers was a very smart move.

Greg is pictured here with his fiancée, Kristen, and current dogs, Kensie and Leo.

Get in Touch with Greg

Tel: 216.374.4909

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