Gotty Potty LogoIn this episode we visit with Shane Wisdom, Certified Dog Trainer and inventor of Gotta-Potty to talk about tips for housebreaking your dog. You’re going to love meeting Shane! First of all, Shane is like us – he loves dogs. Shane is so passionate about dogs that he has invented a product to help people to housebreak their best friends.

About Shane

Before becoming a dog trainer, Shane managed a veterinary office. Shane has loved dogs his whole life and later became a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the Arizona Canine Academy. Shane now trains dogs (really their owners) in private sessions. He has been training dogs for over 15 years and estimates that he’s trained over 1,500 dogs during his training career so far. Shane enjoys spending time with his own, very well behaved, Little Pampered Dog, Mugsy.

Common Housebreaking Issues

Shane shared with us that there are several common housebreaking issues that dogs and their parents experience.

  • Pet store/puppy mill dogs: Cage living has conditioned these dogs to eliminate in their cage because the waste falls immediately under them.
  • Adult dogs: May have developed bad habits from you or a previous owner.
  • Puppies: Lack bladder control and have not learned yet where you want them to go potty.
  • Post bladder infections: Because of a bladder infection, dogs have marked areas in the home that they shouldn’t have and now have to be reconditioned to potty elsewhere.

Shane’s Methodology

Shane’s methodology combines consistency in the potty location and pathway to the location. The dog parent must remain vigilant to their dog’s potty signs and the dog must have the  ability to “hold it” until you let them out. It is critically important that the dog walk the same path out the same door to their designated potty location for proper conditioning.

Signs That Your Dog Has to Potty

  • Your dog is sniffing and circling.
  • Your dog (a social animal) suddenly wanders out of the room in the middle of a game.
  • Your dog has woken up in the morning or after a nap (just like us!)
  • Your dog seems to be struggling to get comfortable.

Shane’s Invention Gotta-Potty

Shane invented a device that helps to condition the dog to go potty where you want them to and alert the dog parent that their dog needs “to go.” This device is named “Gotta Potty.”  Below is a promotional video on the Gotta-Potty website.

You can also see a video from news segment on Shane, Mugsy and Gotta Potty. Mugsy is so cute, I can barely stand it. You must watch the video if only to meet Mugsy! Just click here to link through.

Shane is very passionate about teaching dog owners how to housebreak their dogs. He believes strongly that one of the major reasons why dogs are given up to their local dog shelter is because owners haven’t been able to successfully housebreak their dogs.  If you believe as Shane does in the importance of housebreaking in keeping human and canine families intact, tweet below.

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How to Get a Gotta Potty of Your Own

Shane is a new inventor and is utilizing crowd funding via Kickstarter in order to bring the Gotta Potty to market. If you want a Gotta Potty or want to support Shane in this endeavor please check out his Kickstarter campaign here. The Kickstarter campaign ends on July 10, 2015, so if you are reading this after that date, please check out the Gotta Potty website for more information.

Dog Wisdom

Shane offers private dog training through his dog training business, aptly named “Dog Wisdom.” You can check out his services on his website here. Even if you are not in Shane’s immediate geographical area, Shane invites you to call or email him with your dog training questions. He will either help you personally or help you to find the best trainer in your hometown.

Shane can be contacted as follows
Phone: 314 494 9808
Contact page on his website

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