Lourdes and Bella WelhavenWelcome to Little Pampered Dog! Little Pampered Dog is the lifestyle magazine for Little Pampered Dogs and the people who love them! I’m Lourdes Welhaven the Owner, Founder and Publisher of Little Pampered Dog.

WAIT! Scratch that! Who am I kidding? The little pup pictured here is “the” Bella Welhaven. She’s the real boss around here and the inspiration for all things Little Pampered Dog related. Bella is also my best friend. I love to find the perfect toys for her and the best food and treats. I love to learn about keeping her healthy or ideas on how she can train me better (yes, she’s a good people trainer! ha!). Mostly, I love to hang out with like minded people who love their dogs as much as I love mine. If you have a dog, I’m sure you can relate!

And that’s what Little Pampered Dog is all about – celebrating our best friends, learning about them, finding resources to help us spoil and pamper them. traveling with them and just enjoying all of the love that these wonderful beings choose to share with us so unconditionally. If this sounds interesting to you, then I invite you to check out Little Pampered Dog right now for FREE!

Little Pampered Dog is a digital magazine so you can enjoy the magazine immediately! Bella and I want to make sure you can check us out. We have a completely free issue for you and your pup to enjoy. Just give us your best email address (we’ll send the magazine to the email address you provide). Yes, we’ll add you to our email update list but we promise never to share your information with anyone else and we never spam. Most importantly, you can remove yourself from our email update list at any time.

A Gift For You – Issue #2 of Little Pampered Dog!

Here’s What You Get!


Little Pampered Dog Issue 2

In Little Pampered Dog Issue 2:

  • From the Publisher – Wait until you see who I met! Cesar Milan and Kelly Costello (as seen on Shark Tank!)
  • Take Pictures of Your Little Pampered Dog with Your iPad
  • Janet Birdsall, Breeder of Champions
  • Do You Need Pet Insurance?
  • Dog Inspired Art – Glen Bottalico of Bottalico Gallery
  • My Best Friend Has a Paw
  • Global Pet Expo Insider
  • Global Pet Expo – Kane and Couture
  • Global Pet Expo – Frosty Bowlz (with embedded video)
  • Global Pet Expo – Chief Furry Officer
  • Global Pet Expo – Puppy Cake (audio interview with Kelly Costello as Seen on Shark Tank)


A few things you might be wondering about. First, know that we never ever spam. Once you confirm your desire to join our email update list you’ll be sent your free issue in pdf format for you to download. You’ll also receive instructions on how to view Issue #2 on your iPad or iPhone for FREE. You can unsubscribe from our email update list at any time. You can review our privacy policy here and reach us through our contact form here or review our home page here.

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