Dogs and Drones Are Being Used to Detect Fungus

Dogs and Drones Are Being Used to Detect Fungus

What is the central connecting point to the cutting edge research that utilizes drones and dna testing? A dog. Florida International University Scientists are using specially trained dogs to alert on the smell produced by the fungus Raffaelea lauricola which causes a vascular disease in trees called laurel wilt. The fungus is carried by pests to avocado groves. Once an avocado grove is infected, the entire grove can be wiped out in a mere six week time period.

The video below from FIU on their Drones & Dogs Research tells the rest of the story. You can also view their official news release here.




What is so amazing about this story from a Little Pampered Dog perspective is that with all of the cutting-edge technology used – dna testing, university level researchers and drones – there is nothing that has been able to take the place of a dog’s nose and his desire to please his master.

In the words of that famous Dr. Seus book “Go dog go!”

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