Hungry PomeranianWhile the “Little Pampered Dog” in the video is a Pomeranian and mine is a Maltipoo, I see so many similarities.  It’s the little dog tenacity. When sheer force-of-will doesn’t work  it’s the cuteness that gets them their own way.  I love the little paws scratching and scratching, faster and faster to get to the sausage. It’s so cute! Have you noticed also how the dog uses his paws like little hands? Does your furbaby do that too?

There’s just something about all dogs (especially the little ones) that makes my heart melt. I am a slave to their wishes and will always get them what they want. This dog owner waited longer than I would have to give this pup the sausage. Perhaps my favorite part is when the dog finally get the treat he puts the whole thing in his mouth and hides under the table! This video is incredibly cute! Enjoy!

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