LPD 021 – Meet Corridor Therapy Dogs and Issue 14 – Little Pampered Dog

In this podcast you’ll get to meet Janet Holtman, Founder and Director of Corridor Therapy Dogs. Corridor Therapy Dogs is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides dog and human volunteer teams where ever animal-assisted therapy is needed. Janet and her volunteers work in their immediate area. If you live close to Janet, perhaps you and your dog might enjoy volunteering also. If not, perhaps you could join a similar organization where you live. Of course, you can always do as Janet has done and start a similar organization of your own.

I loved meeting Janet and I know you will too. First of all, she clearly loves dogs and loves sharing the joy of dogs. Second, Janet doesn’t do things half way. What was once a mere thought and wish has become an organization that has blessed so many lives. I hope you’ll be as inspired by Janet and Corridor Therapy Dogs as I am.

LPD 020 – Congrats Californa, Xylitol and As the Dog Barks – Little Pampered Dog

There is so much going on in the “dog world” every single day. Some stories are perfect for the magazine. Others make for great blog posts and the like. But some stories are so timely, you need to know them right now. This podcast covers three of those very timely stories that you need to know about today. Below are the details and links as promised in the podcast. We cover: Congrats California, Xylitol Warning and As the Dog Barks!

LPD 019 – Dog Aging Project with Dr. Silvan Urfer – Little Pampered Dog

I’ve been following the work of a team of scientists at the University of Washington studying aging in dogs. They call their research the Dog Aging Project. The goal of The Dog Aging Project is not just merely to extend the lifespan of dogs, but rather, to extend the “healthspan” of dogs. As Dr. Silvan Urfer suggested in the podcast interview – what is the point of a longer life for our dogs if they are not healthy and don’t feel well?

I reached out to the Dog Aging project and Dr. Urfer graciously responded providing me with detailed information over email and even more extensive information in this podcast episode. You’ll absolutely love meeting him in this podcast.

LPD 018 Worldwide Pet Health News, Pet Food Donations, Dogs Sensing Earthquakes and Contest – Little Pampered Dog

News from the “dog world” crosses my desk every single day. Some things are perfect for the magazine. Other tidbits make for great interviews for the podcast. Yet there’s still more. There are stories that you need to know “now” because they are so timely and they can’t wait. That’s what this episode of the Little Pampered Dog podcast is about. I call this and similar episodes “Quick Dog Bites.” Below are the details and links promised.

Bella likes to join me on my podcasts. Truth be told, she and I are together most of the time. This means that you might hear a bark or two every now and again as Bella inserts her “two cents” into a podcast episode. She didn’t have much to add to this particular episode for a simple reason, she was asleep. I recorded this early in the morning on September 6, 2016 at apparently an hour that she found abhorent.

LPD 017 – Pets of the Homeless and Issue 13 of Little Pampered Dog

I’m not exactly sure how I happened upon Pets of the Homeless but once I found this great organization, I knew had to bring it to you. In this episode we meet Genevieve Frederick, the Founder of Pets of the Homeless. You’ll learn about how she got the idea for the effort plus what inspires her to keep going. Homelessness is a complicated issue for certain. But to Genevieve, her small staff and large network of volunteers, it’s all actually quite simple. They work together to make sure that no pet goes hungry and that no pet is in pain. Please visit their website at www.petsofthehomeless.org. I bet you’ll be surprised to find out that there are donation sites as well as resources right in your community. The full article associated with this podcast regarding Pets of the Homeless Suites can be found in Issue 13 of Little Pampered Dog.

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