Check out the resources below if you want to find out more about the historic trip and adventure that Horatio Nelson Jackson, his “co-pilot” Sewall K. Crocker and Jackson’s trusty dog, Bud, took across the United States of America.

This adorable children’s book includes beautiful illustrations as well as historical photographs. While the book is meant for children in Grades 1 through Grades 3, adults will find the short story and presentation fun and compelling also. Children will fall in love with history simply because the story contains a dog. Click here for availability and pricing.

Episode 9 of the PBS Show: Ken Burns American Lives is titled Horatio’s Drive: America’s First Road Trip. This piece is really well done and very fun. Tom Hanks does the voice over for the letters written by Horatio Nelson Jackson to his wife Bertha and it just masterful. The detail and the footage is amazing. This episode is very entertaining. Click here for availability and pricing.

This is the companion book to the piece created for PBS. The beautiful hard cover book contains more pictures and details beyond what is available in the PBS documentary. At this time, it appears that the book is out-of-print in hard cover format but used copies are still available. Click here for availability and pricing.

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