Back to School

Back to School

You and the kids aren’t the only ones that wish summer could last forever.  When the kids go back to school and schedules become more hectic, your Little Pampered Dog may have trouble adjusting.  After all your dog spent weeks with the family, on vacation, staying up late, and hanging out with the kids.

Suddenly everyone is gone, leaving the furry one behind, alone, all day long.  It gets lonely in a big house all by yourself when just the day before, everyone was around all day.

Here are some tips to make the transition easier

1.  Exercise your dog in the morning before you go.  Yes, I know, it’s hard enough getting everyone out the door and who has time to give Mr. Fluffy a nice walk?  But think of it this way, a tired dog is less likely to display any destructive habits.  Exercise also alleviates anxiety.   Who knows, you might even lose a few pounds before the holiday family get-togethers.

2.  Give your dog time to adjust.  The first few days are normally the most difficult for everyone trying to get used to a new schedule including the family dog.  The separation anxiety might just go away given a few days.

3.  Come home at lunch to make sure your dog is ok and to give him a break.  A break from the office would be good for you too and your dog most certainly could use a good walk and potty break around lunch time anyway.

4.  If you have a friend who stays at home with their dog or child, perhaps they wouldn’t mind watching your dog at their house during the day.  This way, the dog is not left alone during the day, your friend gets to enjoy the dog without the expense or responsibility, and you have the peace of mind know that your dog is being watched and cared for.

5.  Consider taking your dog to work with you.  This very possible!  Only you know your corporate culture, but if your dog is well-behaved he might just become the head of PR at the office.  If you’re the boss and there are no regulations against having a dog in your workplace, why not try it?  If you aren’t the boss, you might consider bringing it up with your superiors, but only you know if that is appropriate giving your company’s culture.

6.  If all else fails, consider a doggy daycare.  Assuming that the daycare is reputable this may be the perfect solution.  This way, everyone has somewhere to go during the week and your Little Pampered Dog will be tired and fulfilled when he gets home.  Please just make certain to do your due diligence in checking out daycares for your dog.  The daycare should be well versed in dog behavior and not mix the littles ones with the big ones.  They should be very clean and require proof of immunization and good behavior from all of their clients.  The daycare should also have a written plan and policy in case of emergencies.  Often, they even have cameras that you can access over the Internet to be able to “check” in on your dog throughout the day.  One of the best ways to find a great daycare is to ask your Veterinarian.

Back to school should be an exciting time of new beginnings.  With a little understanding, love and compassion you can make the new schedule easier on your dog.



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