We scour the newswires and Internet to make sure that we can bring you the most enticing and useful resources for your Little Pampered Dog. The news release we found today is so critical, it simply can’t wait. I sincerely hope that you have not found yourself in a situation with your dog where you need to consider other options in treating canine lymphoma. But if you do, perhaps the release linked here will provide you and your vet with some additional ideas.

Make no mistake, this is a clinical trial with no guarantees.  As per the release:

In addition to the positive safety and efficacy data upon which the USDA based our product licenses for our canine lymphoma monoclonal antibodies, we believe the results of these two market development studies will be instrumental for demonstrating the potential benefit of adding a biologic to standard chemotherapy.

Please note that we have absolutely no affiliation in Aratana whatsoever.  In fact, I heard of this company only moments before typing out this post. I am not promoting their clinical trials, I am only making you aware of what is going on in the pet healthcare industry so you can make your own decisions.


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