Advertise with Little Pampered DogLittle Pampered Dog is a digital magazine and brand targeting adults (humans) who own or love at least one dog and consider that dog to be a member of their family.

Our readers like to pamper their dogs and they spare no expense when it comes to their canine companion’s health and well-being, special diets, stylish dog clothing and accessories, enhanced grooming practices and the like. Our dog owners are consistently seeking out dog-friendly places and experiences to share with their pets including dog friendly dining locations, shopping, or a long-extended vacation. By definition, our readers have the disposable income to afford these luxuries for their “furry-children” and they often express their love for their dogs through the art and books they collect, clothing that they wear, and movies that they watch.

We publish digitally through the Apple Ipad via Apple’s Newstand feature.

We choose Apple’s Newstand as are platform because:

  • 67 million ipads sold in the first two years of production. No other product in history has sold that many units in their first two years of existence. NONE! We consider a digital magazine delivered through the Apple ipad, therefore, the best way to reach a growing market in an emerging medium.
  • ¬†More than 40% of iPad owners have a household income of $100K or more. The households that we reach through this medium have the disposable income to able to afford the Little Pampered Dog lifestyle for themselves and their pets.

If you feel that your brand is congruent with ours and are interested in discussing advertising solutions, please contact us.

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