I love my Little Pampered Dog and if you’re reading this, I bet you do too. Little Pampered Dog was created to celebrate, educate and bring together a community of individuals who think that it is perfectly appropriate to

1. Consider their dogs a member of their family.
2. Travel, dine, and enjoy life with dogs.
3. Work with their dogs in the office.
4. Treat their dogs to food that nourishes them and ensures a happy and healthy life.
5. Pamper their dogs with the best treats and toys.
6. Groom and accessorize their dogs because dogs like to be stylish too!
7. Display works of art or read books that are dog inspired.
8. Interact and learn from other individuals that share their passion for their pets.

I’m often asked, how little (or big) is “little.” Well, that’s up to you. It’s more about the attitude and care than the size. If you have a Great Dane that you cherish, you are most welcome here! Similarly, if you have the smallest of Chihuahuas then, of course, you’ve found a friend in us as well. All Dogs (and their owners) are allowed!

Until then, welcome to our “Little” pack!

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