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From Mutt to Maritime Hero

It could be said that Sinbad was like any other ordinary American. Sinbad was a mutt, a mongrel or whatever other inauspicious “m” word you can think of. We Americans are, after all, the progeny of the melting pot of cultures and races that find their way to our...

Sinbad the Sailor Dog
Puppy Shower Banner Girl
How to Throw the Perfect Puppy Shower

How to Throw the Perfect Puppy Shower

So you've always wanted to throw your friend (or yourself) a puppy shower, but you don't know where to start, what games to play or where to find decorations? This post has all of the details you need to have the most epic Puppy Shower ever. Remember, just because dogs are furry, doesn't make them any less of a welcome addition to a family!

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